HireApp PRO's Rulebook




Read and acknowledge all the important information about the shift.

Before accepting a shift, you should review all the information about the shift’s date, time, payment, and location.

The provided information on every shift includes: 

  • Mandatory dress code (what to wear) – Uniform that you should bring, clean and exactly as described (problems with dress code can lead to penalization) 
  • Mandatory equipment (what to bring) – depending on the position can be different things such as a wine opener or set of knives 
  • On-site contact – You can contact them upon arrival and at the end of the shift
  • Location instructions – Location entrance explained
  • Shift info – Short job and site description

    It is important only to accept shifts that you are sure you can work!




Confirm your arrival to the shift.

One hour before the shift is about to start, the system will send you a text

message to confirm your arrival. You need to respond to this text with a simple yes. If you fail to respond or cancel the shift with short notice, your account may be penalized.

Every cancellation that is within 24h before the shift is considered a last-minute cancellation and leads to suspension of your account.




Plan your time accordingly, and arrive at your shift on time.

Make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start time of the shift, so you have time to find parking and your on-site contact.

On-site contact is the person in charge of the shift that will provide you with a code you need to enter into the app once you start working. 




Make sure to Clock in and Clock out through the app at the shift premises.

The code you need to enter at the beginning of your shift is called the Clock-In code

At the end of your shift, you will once again reach out to the on-site contact for the code. The code you need to enter in the app once you finish your shift is called the Clock out code.

Make sure to Clock-In and Clock-Out in front of the on-site contact to avoid any possible discrepancies. 

Your Location is being recorded when you Clock-In and Clock-Out. Doing that outside of the shift location is a severe violation of our policy.

Working a shift without a Clock-In and Clock-Out does not get recorded in the system and without that record, we won’t be able to process a payment for your work. 

If you have any trouble with Clocking-In or Out, or if on-site is not available, you need to inform us ASAP by sending a text with the explanation and the code to (305) 520-7641.




While working shifts through the HireApp platform you are covered under the Occupational Accident Insurance policy (OAI). Occupational Accident is an insurance policy that insures independent contractors against covered injuries that happen in connection with work done through HireApp. Occupational Accident provides benefits for medical expenses, disability, loss of life, survivor payments, dismemberment, and paralysis for covered injuries directly caused by an accident on the job.

If you suffer any work-related injury while working your shift through HireApp, please reach out to us ASAP and fill out this form to report a claim: https://www.bunkerpartnership.com/hireapp.




It is important to add the required information to start receiving payment

In order to receive the funds for your shift, you need to enter your payment

information in the app. 

The info you need to have to start working and receiving payments through HireApp is:

  • US-issued ID (passport or a driver’s license)
  • bank account or a debit card (if you want to receive Instant Payouts a debit card is required)
  • full address
  • SSN (Social Security Number) or ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number)



We do not tolerate no-shows, late cancelations, and being late repeatedly.

If you don’t show up to a shift that you accepted and you don’t provide a valid reason why your account will be suspended.

We have a zero-tolerance drug policy. If the on-site contact suspects you have used drugs, you will be sent home and your account will be permanently suspended.

If you encounter any issues before or during your shift your first contact is the HireApp team!  Please reach out to us via text at (305) 520-7641 and we will call you right away to assist you further.

On behalf of the entire HireApp Team, we welcome you to our incredible community of HireApp Pros!
We truly appreciate all the hard work you do, and we are looking forward to the future that we are building together. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, please rate the HireApp Pro app on the App store or Play store. 

 If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you!